Rinske Former

I’d like you to meet Rinske Former. This story is about her grandparents from her father’s side of the family. In 1944 when the city of Arnhem was evacuated because of the battle of Arnhem rinske’s grandmother living in Arnhem was also forced to evacuate. But her father forgot in all his hurry to get out about hiding some valuable things. He need to go back but was unable to. Rinske’s grandmother went instead. She had to be very careful and make sure not to be seen. If the German forces would have seen her she probably would have been shot or taken to a concentration camp. Even though it was extremely dangerous she did go back to Arnhem and retrieved the important objects. Nobody in the family knows what these objects were. When going back to the family home the German did break in and plunder the house. The cabinet that Rinske’s grandmother had to empty was found with a hole where the lock had been. The shape of this hole was like the back of a rifle.


During the war Rinske’s grandmother worked for the postal service in the Netherlands. One day a new postman from Ede come to Arnhem because there was a shortage. He was very in to her but she didn’t really like him. Apparently he did something right because she married him.

After the war there was a commision that had to judge which postmen had collaborated with the Nazi’s. In this commission Rinske’s grandmother had a position. Rinske’s grandfather also had to go thourgh this commission to prove that he didn’t collaborate with the Nazi’s. Luckily he didn’t and his girlfriend knew. Not all Nazi collaborators where caught and the other way around.


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