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Steven van Koeverden | +31617351867 | info@stevenvankoeverden.nl


Do we ever learn? This is what I wonder about humans. History is teaching us very valuable lessons but do we take advantage of this? As humans we only look at the future, nothing but the future, we need to go forward under any circumstances. But what happens if we stop for a little bit and look how our ancestor’s dealt with the same issues? A lot of things happening today have happened before. So why learn from it if you can make the same mistakes again, right? Why cherish our freedom if we don’t know how it feels losing it?

With my work I talk about the future but I often use history to do so.

With thrilling images combined with archive material and quotes I tell stories that not only shows history but will make you think about our future.


Solo exposities/ exhibitions



- Schimmenrijk, Victor Laurentius Gallery, The Hague

Groepexposities/ group exhibitions













- Vincent van Baar "My name in 100 colophons" in gallery Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus (LhGWR), the Hague.


- Princentuin galerie, Buren met Rinske Former, Vivian Bax, Hans Poel, Tessa van Rijn, Shari de Boer.


- Print Auction, 'What's good?', Melkweg Expo


- Afstudeerexpositie 'This Is a Good Year, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag.

Graduation show ‘This Is a Good Year’, Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag.


- Expo Transition, voormalig ministerie van economische zaken, Den Haag

Expo Transition, ministry of economic affairs, The Hague.

Overig/ other



- Catawiki KABK talenten veiling/ talent auction

Geselecteerd door/ curated by: Wim van Sinderen & Narda van ’t Veer.


Gispen, BCD group, Sanquin, Business School Nederland, Fairplay Cup - KNVB, DNA medical group.


Stages/ Internships


Februari/ February 2014 - Juli/ July 2014

Jan Dirk van der Burg, Amsterdam


Februari/ February 2011 - juli/ July 2011

Jeroen Hofman Photography, Amsterdam.


September 2009 - februari/ February 2010

Arjan Benning Photography & Film, Amsterdam.


November 2008 - Januari/ January 2009

Chris van Koeverden fotograaf, Buren

Opleiding/ Education


2011 - 2016

Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten

Den Haag

Royal Academy of Art

The Hague

Documentaire fotografie

Documentary Photography




2007 - 2011

Koning Willem 1 College

‘s Hertogenbosch






2006 - 2007

The Florida State University Schools, Tallahassee Florida, USA


Steven van Koeverden | +31617351867 | info@stevenvankoeverden.nl